Hi, my name is Bob. I'm interested in how people differ with regard to their individual philosophy, not philosophy in a strictly academic sense, but as that part of an individual's cognitive structure that she/he has "layered on top" to make sense of one's experience. Although we are not always aware of our personal philosophies we all have them. Your personal philosophy sprouts from your world view which is a set of unproven assumptions regarding the origin and fate of the Universe and of human beings place in that Universe.

A person’s world view will include notions of:

There is usually a strong connection between a person's world view and his/her thoughts, feelings, opinions, and behavior. When we have discussions with others it is possible to make inferences about the other person's world view and when there are extreme differences of opinion this usually reflects dramatic contrasts in world views.

If you are interested in this topic and wish to help me understand more about the diversity of world views then view the example world views below. Yours may be very similar to one of the examples or quite different. If your world view is not captured by one of the examples below then write a summary of your world view, send it to the e-mail address below and I will add it to the list of examples. I will not give out or in any other way use your e-mail address and will not answer your e-mail unless you request that of me. Include a one or two word title that captures your world view and some pseudonym to identify the world view as your own.

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